Monday, September 27, 2010

Less than a Day

This is it! About two months ago, this day seemed so far away. I remember how much of a shock it was: pressing the refresh button on my GMAIL, thinking "you've already refreshed 10 times in twenty minutes, Nic, this one won't be any different;" but there it was, out of the blue---a new message from "Congratulations! You've been accepted as a student at Animation Mentor."  It didn't feel real; I was way too excited! Ever since I bumped into the website and saw the first student reel I've been dreaming of being priviledged enough to someday attend; and now, my AM journey begins in roughly 10 hours, and I've no idea how I'm going to get some sleep!

I've heard of former AnimationMentor students who didn't keep a blog or diary and regretted it, and I'll be avoiding that. I want to remember this experience and be able to look back on the things I learned and how I tackled assignments. Here, I will post my thoughts on lectures, and my take on certain aspects of animation, and just about anything AM related. I will definately post assignments. A couple of us students started a weekly drawing challenge for AM students, and i'll be sure to put some drawings in here (shout-out to Katie Better for creating , you can look up her blog by clicking her name in my "classmates" section). I'd like to thank you in advance for following this blog, and I hope to see some comments! I've already met a lot of students through orientation, and we're all on the same boat, filled with excitement. It's truly incredible to be able to learn with people from literally all over the world. Everyone has been great. The staff is super approachable and the students are cool. Although it'll be a lot of hard work, i'm positive that the next year and a half is going to be incredibly fun! We're in for a hell of a ride.

I am truly excited about being a part of such an amazing industry. As character animator we get to breathe life into characters and become actors---how cool is that?! I hope to someday have the honor of working for one of the big film studios and be able to bring the characters we love to life on the big screen!  Until next time, see you all on campus! (Now off to get some sleep--if that's a possibility!!)

Nic Cabana


  1. Good first post, exciting, but no explosions, wtf Nic?! Next time I want to see at least a car chase or some gun fire or I'm unsubscribed.

  2. Go Nick!!! I'm following you! (.. literally! :P) !! Can't wait to see what the first semester is all about! Keep me posted :P
    - The other Nick from Mtl :P