Thursday, January 27, 2011

On my way to San Fran

I'm currently waiting at the airport, anxiously waiting to end up in San Francisco later tonight. This morning, Rusty texted me that his flight was cancelled, and that he was transferred to a different flight. That meant one thing: we weren't gonna be on the same connecting flight---which we had planned!  Not too long after, I got a similar call from my airline. Turns out I'm transferred to CHI instead of Phili, and I'll only arrive in San Fran at 11pm.

And here I was, planning to have SOME time to work on the polishing phase for my assignment in the hotel room tonight! Well, looks like I'm gonna pull an all-nighter again!

Tomorrow Rusty, Ellen, Belen, Jamie, Fes, Dana, and I are volunteering at AM HQ to help out for the Grad's industry night! (well Dana works at AM, so she's not really volunteering :P). Can't wait to see everyone again!

When I get to the hotel, I'll post a more thorough update, as well as my take on these first few weeks of class 2!

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  1. That's quite the hectic schedule Nic! Try to get some sleep so you'll at least remember your time in San Fran :P Wish I was there with you guys. Say hi to everyone for me!