Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reflection on Class 1

It's 5 AM, and I can't sleep (A pattern of late...). Class 2 (Psychology of Body Mechanics) began last week, and as of now I've got no reason to continue this hiatus from my blog! Since I can't sleep, I figure this is the perfect time for a fresh start.

I'd like to begin with a reflection on my experiences at Animation Mentor thus far, because I know that, years from now, I'll want to look back on this!

After three months, I feel extremely confident. I've gotta admit how nervous I was starting AM--worried I wasn't ready, or that my work wouldn't keep up to standards. A lot of students come into AM with a lot of prior experience, and that can be intimidating for someone who has virtually none, like myself! Today, I know I'm ready to move on. The lectures were spot on, and Royce was a great mentor. I learned about the foundations and how important they are. I'm now ALWAYS thinking about the basics! You can't build anything without raw materials.

Three months go by quickly, but it's felt like ages! In three months, I've improved tenfold, and I've grown an even deeper appreciation for Animation.

I have met incredible, inspirational people; both online and in person! All this possible because of AnimationMentor. Early on in the program, a bunch of us class 1 students formed a tight clique, and since then, most of us have kept in touch everyday. There is no competition. Each and every one of us thrives to make the other stronger. We push each other's limits and, in the process, improve as a group. We brainstorm, we discuss, and we learn! I'm incredibly thankful for you guys!

In Los Angeles, I met Rusty, Jamie, Ellen, Belen, and Dana in person. We met with Alumni that made us feel so welcome--and made me realize that I actually can achieve my dream! Its intimidating when you first talk to these people, because they now work at the biggest studios in the world: Pixar, Dreamworks, Bluesky---you name it! But you come to realize that they're just like you, and they share the same passion. The Alumni keep in touch with us from time-to-time, and its great to see how happy they are working at the big studios. And I can't forget Cheryl, the student Administrator. What an incredible woman. Here is a joyous person, full of life (and stories!), and filled with this undeniable passion for what AM represents, and, of course, works so hard for the students. And Bobby and Carlos are such great people! I'm so thankful and proud to be a part of this family.

To top things off, I've been invited with Rusty (and the girls, but they already live there!) to fly over to the AM Headquarters and volunteer for industry night for this year's graduating class. I'll be in San Fran on the 27th of January !! Can't wait to see everyone again. (thanks Cheryl!)

Thanks for such a great start:  Rusty, Botir, Reed, Matthias, Steff, Svein, Alex, Jamie, Ellen, Dana, Belen, Frankie, Rana, Aris, Jen, Ross and Fes!   And thanks Cheryl, Bobby, Jude, Nelson, and Michelle for being so darn inspirational. You guys all rock!!

And Rusty, the day we work in the same studio, wouldn't that be something?

Here's my un-rendered progress reel.   Thanks for being such a kickass mentor, Royce!

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  1. Yea! I felt the same way going into my first weeks! I wasn't sure if I could keep up with my class, most of which had previous animation experience. But lo and behold, I am doing just fine!