Saturday, October 9, 2010

Week 2: Sketching and Posing

This week our job was to go out into public areas and sketch people doing everyday things. It was definitely awkward at first, but you get used to it! Among our sketches, we had to take our favourite, most appealing, and pose STU (our first rig) based on that sketch. I drew a girl who was busy texting while holding her shopping bag in a super ditsy way.

Here are the sketches. They're pretty rough because people were just walking around and moving, so the point is to draw really quick sketches with the general idea of the pose.

and here's Stu, posed like the circled sketch.


  1. Drôlement, je trouve que la pose en sketch est beaucoup plus féminine tandis que la pose en 3D est plutôt masculine.

    La première a l'aire plus d'une fille un peu vantarde tandis que celle en 3D a l'aire d'un garçon gêné..:P !

    Mais j'aime beaucoup celui en 3D !! Plein d'attitude et d'expression :) Yay !! Continue :B

  2. lol j'pense que t'a raison maintenant que tu le dis... I think its because his head and chest is forward in Stu, and in the sketch she's leaning backwards, I'm gonna fix it tomorrow